Aplicaciones Técnicas de Ultrasonidos S.L.

With more than 47 years of experience in the sector offers this cleaning technology so special that combines the action of water + detergent with the mechanical action of ultrasound.

The main advantages are a quality in the cleaning practically insuperable, great speed and therefore greater production, respectful with the environment, harmless for the health and above all a very considerable reduction of expenses as much energy, water, chemical and especially hand working. Therefore, these equipment are so quickly amortizable.

We suggest you to know our products and if they consider it appropriate, request demonstrations in our or their facilities.

We differentiate ourselves in giving a non invasive and professional treatment, … We do not look for a number of business … We do not have a commercial … We do not disqualify anyone … We do not remove qualities to match offers … We do not force that we buy the consumables … among others

And yes, we advise you as if it were our own business … YES, we add the commercial costs to our / your product … YES, they have total guarantee in repairs and assistance … YES, we have the latest advances, … and YES, we are national manufacturers … among other.

We are at your disposal.