Do you have an installation? Incorporate, repair, replace … The most economical way to have this technology!

Mini machinery for cleaning

ULTRASOUNDS are acoustic waves produced by Mechanical vibrations. These vibrations form micro-bubbles or cavities that
behave like thousands of tiny brushes.

Mini Machinery for automobiles

Specially designed for the automotive sector.

Industrial equipment

For small or medium industrial applications where quality and savings is the main objective.

Automotive Equipment

ULTRASONIC technology is achieved by high mechanical vibrations in an aqueous medium. These vibrations form micro-explosions that behave like millions of tiny brushes.

Multi-cuba robotizada de limpieza por ultrasonidos para paneles energía solar

Special Teams

Complicated pieces or debris need complex processes or machinery …

Boilermaker jobs

We can offer you such diverse jobs as:

Structures, conveyors, aspirations, elevators, mixers, augers, tanks, shawls, installations, etc.

Detergents for cleaning

From A.T.U. We offer a wide range of products, which cover all the current needs of ultrasonic cleanings.

ATU in competition

Our Ultrasounds in high competition.


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